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In The Overachievers, journalist Alexandra Robbins delivers a poignant, funny, riveting narrative that explores how our high-stakes educational culture has spiraled out of control. During the year of her ten-year reunion, Robbins returns to her high school, where she follows:

  • Taylor, perceived as “The Popular Girl,” a varsity captain whose ambition threatens her popular status
  • AP Frank, perceived as “The Workhorse,” who combats horrifying parental pressure
  • The Stealth Overachiever, a mystery junior who flies under the radar
  • Sam, perceived as “The Teacher’s Pet,” who frets that his years of overachieving will be wasted if he doesn’t attend a name-brand college
  • C.J., perceived as “The Flirt,” who feels second-tier when compared with her high-achieving classmates
  • Julie, perceived as “The Superstar,” an athletic and academic standout who’s terrified she’s making the wrong choices
  • Audrey, perceived as “The Perfectionist,” who battles illness and fatigue in her quest to be the best
  • Pete, perceived as “The Meathead,” who is determined not to get caught up in the frenzy, and
  • Ryland, perceived as “The Slacker,” for whom school pressure becomes his downfall

With first-hand observations and visits to schools across the country, Robbins tackles hard-hitting issues such as the student and teacher cheating epidemic, overtesting, sports rage, the black market for study drugs, and a college admissions process so cutthroat that some students are driven to depression or suicide because of a B. Even the earliest years of schooling have become insanely competitive, as Robbins learned when she gained unprecedented access into the inner workings of a prestigious Manhattan kindergarten admissions office.

A fascinating page-turner that combines fast-paced storytelling and spectacular investigative journalism, The Overachievers aims both to calm the admissions frenzy and to expose its escalating dangers.

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